The S.I.P Grade is a mandatory 2 non-academic credit for the undergraduate degree programme. Every student has to record the following activities in the S.I.P. Journal:

  • 45 hours of field activity (with the NGO assigned by the College)

  • 5 hours of engagement with discipline–centric activities (with a College Dept.)

S.I.P. Activity Schedule

Registration Process

The Registration Process is completed after the Registration Form (RF) in the journal has been duly filled and submitted to the S.I.P. Office.

The RF is to be submitted prior to starting work in the organisation. If this is not done, the work done will not be taken into account.

Late submission of the RF (15 days beyond the official date) will cause the minimum hours’ requirement to increase by at least 15 hours.

Choice of NGO

Students can register with only an NGO from Mumbai or from its satellite cities. The chosen NGO must work for the upliftment of struggling sections of society.

A student has to volunteer with ONLY ONE organisation throughout the term.

A change in the organisation will not be allowed without serious reason/s. It is therefore recommended that the student ensures that the nature of the voluntary work, location, timings and other relevant matters are agreeable to him/her prior to registering with the concerned NGO.

NGOs that are not currently registered with the S.I.P. Dept., can be brought to its notice; connection with such NGOs is at the discretion of the S.I.P. Dept.

Hours Requirements

1 to 3 hours of work per day is recommended.

On a holiday, if the organisation requires assistance, up to 6 hours of work is acceptable, provided that the S.I.P. Dept. was consulted prior to the event.

Students can work with their organisation during their vacations for 1 to 3 hours of work per day.

If one-day events arise, the S.I.P. Department will inform the student of such possibilities through the S.I.P. Notice Board (near the MMR). Interested students can then register for such work in the S.I.P Dept. and avail of S.I.P hours.

Other ways in which S.I.P. hours can be obtained are through:

  • S.I.P. Camps during the vacations

  • Various College Departments’ (S.I.P. approved) initiatives

Maintaining the S.I.P. Journal

Detailed timesheet to be filled in the journal.

A month’s Summary Report should be written in the journal and submitted (once a month) to the S.I.P. Depart. for assessment.

Discipline–Centric Report sheets to be filled .

Refer to the Sample Report Writing Sheet in the journal for a writing proto-type. The writing must contain the Day, Date, Time, Venue, Activity and Reflections drawn from the work experience.

Voluntary Service Evaluation Pattern

Student’s voluntary work will be assessed on the basis of the following grid which shows marks (Grades awarded is as per the flipside of the College Mark Sheet):

The use of unfair means in reporting voluntary work timings would lead to the loss of all credits (academic and non-academic) in that semester, which effectively means the loss of an academic year.

The timesheet of the student’s work which is maintained in the organisation as well as in the S.I.P. journal will be used for cross-checking the attendance of the voluntary work with that NGO.