First Year 2023-24 

Even Semester

For First Year  B.Sc., BSc.(IT), B.A.F. and B.Com.(B Div)

SIP Orientation for First Year Students

Department-Centric Activities (First Year 2023-24)

Second Year 2023-24 

Even Semester

For Second Year B.Sc., B.Sc. I.T. and B.M.S

Third Year 2023-24 


The Social Involvement Programme (S.I.P.) aims to inform and empower students by engaging them with socio-economic realities to raise critical questions and thereby make consequential interventions. To achieve this goal, the S.I.P. Department networks with more than 200 organisations across a wide array of social endeavours.

It began in 1996 with the aim of making education more socially relevant. Students are encouraged to learn through direct involvement with Indian society as “when the heart is touched by direct experience, the mind is challenged to change”. Students work with street and slum children, physically and mentally challenged individuals, orphans, domestic workers, hospital patients and senior citizens. Under the guidance of two qualified Social Workers, students are required to serve for a minimum of 45 hours with an NGO and 5 hours of SIP activities connected with any of the academic disciplines that the college offers. The Principal is in charge of this department. 

St. Xavier’s College- Autonomous Mumbai, has always endeavoured to change the paradigms of education. Since 1996 it has been providing students with beyond the classroom and campus learning opportunities through the Social Involvement Programme (S.I.P.) This programme fundamentally aspires towards a holistic education by focusing on:


An academic community dedicated to the holistic education of future leaders who will demonstrate innovation in their professional competencies, integration in their personal lives and inclusion in their social contribution.

To make this SIP service that you render meaningful:

DECIDE the nature of the voluntary work you would want to do like:

Interact with senior citizens

Advocate the cause of women

Assist those with special needs

Teach children living on the streets 

Work in community centers of hospitals 

Read to and write for the visually challenged

Conduct skill based workshops for homeless people

CHOOSE an appropriate organisation (location-wise, time-wise and nature of work) that you would like to offer your services through.

PLAN in consultation your work schedule with the Supervisor of the chosen organisation right at the start. 

INFORM the organisation and the SIP Office in advance if ill-health, exams or other pressing matters disrupt your commitment schedule.

DIALOGUE with the S.I.P Team not only on problems you encounter but also to share your experiences. 

COMMIT yourself to your chosen organisation, bearing in mind that they have accepted your voluntary service for the allotted time and not just for 45 hours.