Discipline-Centric Activities by the Departments


Preparing charts for BMC school on the evolution of money.


Imparting important use of Financial Literacy and Digital transactions to the underprivileged.


Career guidance workshop for Junior and Senior college.

Resume writing workshop in order to help students build on an impactful CV for their future endeavours.

To write critical articles.

Securing and researching secondary material related to certain chapters, poems and readings in the ‘Encounters’ books in order to critique and discuss the chapters.


Academic Mentoring of students weak in French


Lab cleaning

Beach clean up during fieldwork


Mentoring of academically weaker peers by students who are faring well academically

Preparations of charts for NGOs


Clean up drive and awareness campaign at Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali (East)

Information Technology

Academic mentoring of students.

Life Science

Conducting interactive modules on Health, Sanitation and Hygiene for students of the Worli Sea Face BMC school.


Water Portability Testing

Management Studies

Guiding roadside vendors about Bank Services, Techniques of investment, usage of YouTube, creating Gmail account, management skills like helping them learn how to manage all their incomes and expenses.

Mass Media

"Walk for a Cause" would essentially be a peaceful march of students against air pollution.

Awareness programmes: “Cell Phones” unplugging yourself- it’s time to go on a phone vacation (spread awareness about the obsessive use of phones.); Harmful effects of headphone/earphones; Consumerism in clothing brands; Save the wildlife; Alternatives for leather; survey on cosmetics; Book collection for BMC schools.

Political Science

“Right to Life”- First Aid Camp to educate the masses to be equipped with first aid skills and have sufficient knowledge in the time of emergencies.

Fundraising event for children suffering from thalassemia.


Befriending an outstation student, helping them adjust to St. Xavier’s college and the City of Mumbai

An awareness programme on mental illness followed by insight to help caregivers


Walk around south-central Mumbai to interact with homeless citizens.


An overall analysis of data using excel

Making soft copies of Statistics related material from books that are out of print

Mentoring of academically weaker peers by students who are faring well academically

Library work

Preparations of charts for Municipal Schools

Vocational Studies

Donation Drive - donation of basic necessities to school children at Sudhagad.


Cleanliness drive in Zoology laboratory

Relevant Social-centric Activities by the Associations


An exhibition of instruments

Organised a musical workshop for children from Down to Earth and Nanhi Kali and interacted with them by playing games and gave information about 10 musical instruments, and played a few songs for them.


Stacking and organizing books in the Library

Sticking magnetic tape inside the books and arranging it

Stocktaking in the Library database.


Awareness campaign to make people stand up and have a clean and spit free Mumbai.

Civil Defence Workshop: Students participated in Fire Safety and Self Defence Workshop organized by Maharashtra State Home Guards and Civil Defence Headquarters

Rally for Saving Rivers.

Writers for end semester examination for Visually challenged and learning disability students.

In collaboration with the S.I.P. Department, the Wishing Factory mobilized students to work with patients suffering from life-threatening diseases (e.g. Cancer).

A SIP Social Worker represented the college for the launch of a dedicated adolescent centre “lighthouse” an initiative by Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre.

Dispensing Stationery Materials (collected by the S.I.P Department) to the tribal and underprivileged children.

Organising Volunteers to mentor external (non-Xavier’s) students who could not afford professional teachers to coach them


Self Defence workshop to promote awareness, strength and self-defence skills to increase awareness of the importance of self-defence for women.