Discipline-Centric Activities by the Departments


Preparing books and data for Blatter Herbarium

Cleaning and arranging of specimens in the department

Making lists of research papers


Researching and documenting chemicals as hazardous or Non- Hazardous

Preparing posters on safety measures to be followed in the laboratory in case of any accidents


“Buddy Project” where students have to teach their classmates basic accounting.


Spreading awareness about the Public Relation duty programme in the college campus and updating Aadhar and PAN cards of students and staff with the help of the officials.


Conducting story narration and fun activities in Pratham NGO at Mankhurd.

Engaging with senior citizens in All Saints Home, dockyard lane.

Organise recreation activities for young women and children in YWCA.


Academic mentoring for students scoring low in French.


Cleanliness Drive at Tungareshwar National Forest.


Tree plantation in Govandi in collaboration with Nanashakti NGO.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in collaboration with Citizen Forum in Panvel.

Chart making on Tree plantation and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Preparing Dictionary in Hindi language (Shabdkosh Nirman)

Organised a programme of Indian Music and Literature

Chart making and translation for Australian visitors.

Preparation of charts and PPT in Hindi for NGO children.

Information Technology

Translation and Transcription of Management Based videos for Pratham NGO.

Life Science

Conducting interactive modules with IX grade students at Worli sea face BMC school on topics such as Microbiology, DNA study and Nervous system.


Water Portability Testing


Academic mentoring of students with low scoring grades in Maths.

Management Studies

Selling organic food products made by Navjeevan organic NGO at St. Blaze Church to produce income and empower tribal women economically.

Mass Media

Creating awareness among people on environmental sustainability.

Designing and distributing Placards, Poster and Banners on keeping the environment clean.

Xynergy 2019 – Conducting career fair for school children and briefing them about various streams which will be helpful in their future.


Befriending an outstation student, helping them adjust to St. Xavier’s college and Mumbai.


Understanding of group project with SY students

Helping in the preparation of circuit connection

Chart preparation for NGO children.

Volunteering in Physics exhibition

Arranging books in the library.


Preparing charts for Municipal schools.

Analysing and interpretation of marks for FY, SY and TY students by using Excel.

Vocational Studies (Software Development)

Collaboration with Caius Laboratory, recording and analysis of the decibel was conducted in the buses which have automated announcements.

Taking recordings of the automated announcement system in buses to check the decibel in collaboration with the Caius Laboratory.

Created website for Heras Museum.

Labelling the instruments in the Caius Laboratory.

Vocational Studies (Tourism)

Organised flash mob event “Saffar ya Suffer” at CSTM on safety measures to be followed by the travellers.


Collection of tetra packs

Visit to the Stray Dog Welfare NGO

Relevant Social-centric Activities by the Associations


Sacking and organizing books in the library

Sticking magnetic tape inside the books and arranging it

Stocktaking in the library database


No Honking Awareness Campaign- educating riders and drivers at signals about its negative aspects

Examination support to Students with Disabilities.

Gifted-Stationery Assistance to NGOs in urban and rural areas.